• Custom applications

Custom applications

If you are planning to add a customized application to your website, wordpress website, web app or app then we can help you.

Medusa builds custom applications for all kinds of environments.


Examples of what we offer:

  • Calculation modules for advise online (best insureance , best device, calculation of which product to choose) 
  • Use of OpenStreetmap (Open Source online maps) in combination with own information 
  • Purchasing, sales and invoicing
  • Member administrations en planning  
  • Events and subscription to events 
  • Personnel administration, CRM-system, management reports 
  • Duty roster and planning system 
  • Link between different systems and databases, so that you only have to maintain one system
  • Use of one central database for several websites and apps 
  • Time registration 
  • Custom webshops where products are computed, personalized or visualized



Do you have a question about websites?We'll be glad to assist you, free and without obligations.
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Customized interactivity


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