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we have seen many ups and downs since 1996



Medusa started at 1996 when internet was just emerging.

In the mean time internet is grown into a powerfull platform with a gigantic amount of information and a large offer of online applications. We have experienced the stormy developments including the ups & downs. All those years we remained faithful to our objectives, delivering quality and customized multimedia.

Prefect translation of your wishes

With the knowledge and experience of all those years, we are more than capable of translating your marketing and communication wishes into a multimedia solution that actually works!



Some references of mostly current en past customers:




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Your steady partner


Websites tailored to your needs

Medusa develops websites from start to finish:

  • attractive and effectieve webdesign
  • complete realization 
  • new websites or restyling
  • proactive maintenance 

Keywords: focus on target audience, userfriendly, fast, highly responsive and easy to find in Google.


Product offer

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